New Bolly Display, LLC

Our Company NEW BOLLY DISPLAY LLC is a company specializing in the production of all kinds of display and acrylic products. The company is headquartered in Guangdong Province, China and was founded in 1996. Our goal is "making the best display products for the brand name companies, and making the best acrylic products for life." The company strives to become the best quality display cabinets and acrylic products vendor, and to win the trust of

Hot Products

    • Coffee Capsule Storage Box

      Coffee Capsule Storage Box

      The capsule storage box can hold up to 35 capsules, which can be combine or used separately, and you can store your favorite beverage capsules as you like. Fashionable design, make your coffee corner, make coffee time more beautiful and happy!

    • Acrylic Cosmetic Organizer

      Acrylic Cosmetic Organizer

      This Acrylic Cosmetic Organizer has three removable storage boxes. You can combine them into one large cosmetic storage box, or you can separate them in different place. Large bottles of skin care products can also be easily stored. This cosmetic organizer with the cover is waterproof, dust proof, and damp proof.