Acrylic Soap Dispenser

Soap dispensers are made with high quality clear acrylic sheet. It looks like glass but is much tougher. It is scratch resistant, colorless, odorless and non-reactive.The soap dispenser can be used to dispense liquid soap, lotion and oil dispenser. Clear plastic liquid soap dispenser has a transparent body that allows you to see the actual amount of soap left, making it easier to know when to top up.It’s smooth and easy pump dispenses the right amount of liquid every time so there is no wastage or spillage. It is ideal for all kitchens, bathrooms and washrooms.
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Product description

Wholesale acrylic soap dispenser made in Dongguan, Guangdong province. These kind of products produced by China soap dispenser manufacturer, which have exported to all over the world. This kind of square shaped acrylic soap dispenser is small and exquisite, which provides a clean and neat space, in addition to this, combined use of such soap dispenser will keep bathroom in order. Stable acrylic material resist chemical corrosion and it is easy to see the content through transparent appearance. On the one hand, particular pump model protects the interior from pollution so that you can use them without worry, on the other hand, the feature of easily controlled quantity can avoid waste.


Q1: Is there a minimum order quantity for special acrylic sheets?

Yes, the MOQ for special acrylic sheets is 35 sheets.

Q2: Does the nozzle surface treatment reach the environmental standards?

The nozzle head is vacuum plated, which meets the environmental protection standard of Green Guard.

Q3: Can patterns be carved into the inside of soap dispenser?

Sure, we can do that. Welcome you to send us the requirements or the patterns you need.


What is the payment method?

T/T, PayPal, West Union, Bank Transfer, etc. Please pick the easiest and quickest way for you, then we will send the detailed information to you.






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