Acrylic Dining Chair

Acrylic dinning chair is clear in color from top to base, this lends a sleek and modern touch to your indoor or outdoor living spaces, and it is quite easy to clean and care for. It is available in multiple colors, this chair is made of strong and durable Polycarbonate, this injection molded chair is convenient and versatile, which often used at the vanity in the bedroom or bathroom, computer desk or writing table. Acrylic dinning chair is the go-to chair for anyone seeking to elevate their contemporary home décor.
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Product Details

Product description

We are the professional acrylic dinning chair supplier in Dongguan, Guangdong province. Our manufacturer in China is able to produce all type of acrylic products. The wholesale acrylic dinning chair we make is exported to all over the world. This kind of dinning chair that has simple style is light weight and scratchproof. Mute antiskid foot cushion protects the floor from scratch. With the material of acrylic, it highlights its crystal-clear appearance more under the light. The main advantage of this dinning chair is that the tilt angle perfectly combines with the curve of human back for more comfortable when you have a dinner or take a rest.


Q1: Is there any defect in the sticking-joint?

he sticking-joint is smooth, compact and beautiful. Acrylic glue we used can provide SGS test report and MSDS report.

Q2: Is there any color deviation?

There is no color difference between the same batch of products through visual inspection. The color deviation of multiple batches is less than 2%.

Q3: Does hot bending cause bubbles and deformation?

Hot bending radian is natural and artistic, without bubbles or deformation.

Q4: Can you produce according to the samples I provided?

Sure, we can produce by your samples or design drawings.





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