Acrylic Dining Table

Acrylic Dinning table is space-saving because of clear properties, which adds less visual weight to room. It is more suitable for small spaced households. The humanized and super clear design will add the perfect accent to your home. This durable and practical design has stood the test of time. The table has unibody acrylic structure, it is not easy to hide dirt and dust and easy to clean, mellow and smooth edge, no-scrape hand, the use of more secure and convenient.
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Product description

We are the professional acrylic dinning table supplier in Dongguan, Guangdong province. Our manufacturer in China is able to produce all type of acrylic products. The wholesale acrylic dinning table we make is exported to all over the world. Extremely simple style of this dinning table is space-saving, and it is more suitable for small spaced households. You don’t need to worry about the desk shake because of rational design. Acrylic material determines that this kind of table is corrosion resistance, heat resistance, and scratch resistance. Meanwhile, it is environmental protect and no harm to health.


Q1: What is the minimum amount of customization?

The minimum amount of the transparent blue acrylic plate is 15 pieces.

Q2: How can packing be safe and economical?

The safety of product packaging is ensured by the transporting vibration and dumping test. Using the appropriate packaging materials to achieve the most economic benefits.

Q3: What's the shipment method?

It can be Ocean Shipping, Airlift and Express (EMS, UPS, DHL, and FEDEX). So please contact us to confirm your preferred shipment method before placing order.

Q4: Will I be able to see a sample before placing my order?

Yes, absolutely! Before any custom display order proceeds into production, we are welcome you to require a sample to check our quality.  We hope that you check and approve of the display.


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