All Purpose Acrylic Display Case

This acrylic box is the safest way to protect and display your collectibles, statues, sports helmets, jewelry and so on. Flip them, each case becomes a square, clear base. Four-sided with fine wiring of the joints, polished smooth edges. Box case displays come with bases made of either solid walnut, clear acrylic, or black acrylic. Whichever base you choose, each has a lip which holds the box in place. This multipurpose display case is perfect for retail store displays, our boxes have enthusiastic audiences with households, museums, libraries, government offices, and scientific laboratories.
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Product Details

Product description

We are the professional acrylic display case supplier and our manufacturer in China is able to produce all type of acrylic products. The acrylic display case we make is exported to United States, Japan, Europe and all over the world. This kind of product adopts acrylic material which has the feature of glittering and translucent. With the both feature of transparent and scratch resistance, it can clearly present the things that have been put in. Because of its good seal, dust can be avoided for built in items so that characteristics of goods can be well preserved. It also owns a solid base to guarantee steady.  


Q1: Are the metal accessories rust-proof?

The metal parts have been made passivation  treatment, so the metal parts are rust-proof.

Q2: How does the acrylic display case look?

The display case has high transmittance and neat appearance.  Broad vision and with good side vision.

Q3: What is the color difference of the wooden base?

The paint color difference on the wooden base is less than 2%.

Q4: Is the surface treatment of base environmentally friendly?

Yes, we can provide the GREENGUARD and MSDS certification.





Enclosure: The patent of this product and the use of the patent are not owned by the company.