Clear Acrylic Frames

Clear acrylic frames are designed for valuable picture, such as postcard, currency, tickets, greeting cards, family photograph, letters, specimens, etc.This acrylic frame is designed by two thick acrylic blocks, hold picture by corner's strong magnet. It can be used as a single or double-sided frame. This frame can hold two pictures back-to-back. Pictures can be displayed either vertically or horizontally. Unlike traditional wooden, glass, plastic picture frame, our acrylic photo frame can display your pictures on tabletop without other support. And it is easy to update pictures.
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Product description

Clear acrylic frames produced by our manufacturer are supplied for wholesale. These products, which have exported to all over the world, are made in China. The multiple functions of acrylic frames made it suitable in carious professions, and the use scope is extremely broad, such as restaurant, hotels, home and offices. At the same time, acrylic material means that both sides can be displayed. The internal paper, include all kinds of logo, description of products, license, certificate of honor, personal portrait and so on, can be replaced freely. Beyond that, four powerful angular magnets in the frames can hold the paper firmly in order to avoid paper distortion.


Q1: Does the edge of the acrylic frames make scratch-resistant handle?

We will do the edge of the acrylic frames makes scratch-resistant handle. Thus, the surface of frame is beautiful, and smooth feel in the hand.

Q2: Are the magnets in the frame rust-proof?

Yes, absolutely. The magnets have been made passivation treatment, so the magnets are rust-proof.

Q3: Is there any bubbles or deformation in the frame's thermal bending flatness?

No, thermal bending flatness is decent, without bubbles or deformation flaws.

Q4: How do you make our business long-term cooperation and good relationship?

Our company always values its customers' satisfaction in taking care of every quality requirement and providing best speeding services in reasonable prices.





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