Acrylic Desk Organizer Tray

Dress your desk with a file tray organizer that stores your documents in a neat organized manner. It features a sleek acrylic aesthetic to quickly access your contents with a clear view. The attractive 2-level design is perfect for holding files, magazines, books, mail, and other office supplies. As an alternative to cluttered drawers, this smartly designed units add space virtually anywhere with stackable pull out trays. Whether placed on a shelf in the home, or desktop in the office, this versatile organizer manages your paperwork with ease and efficiency. These acrylic desk organizer trays are designed to adorn any desktop from Administrative Staff, Bloggers, Students, and more.
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Product Details

Product description

This two-layer acrylic desk organizer tray is made in China and is the best assistant for your daily office. We are suppliers of acrylic desk organizer tray. There are many different styles for your wholesale and purchase. This acrylic desk organizer tray is double-layer so that you can sort out the documents or articles you need to store. It can provide a lot of convenience for your daily work, such as storing some documents or snacks that you need to keep. Its surroundings are not completely enclosed. One side is open, which allows you to read and store documents. The small structure saves you a lot of space, but the amount of files is not reduced.



Q1: Can you return the sample fee?

Yes. When your order reaches a certain amount, we can return the sample fee to you.

Q2: Can you order a variety of colors?

Yes, we can make it from the color you require.

Q3: Can the acrylic desk organizer trays be separated?

Yes, they can be separated. Customers can easily assemble them by themselves.

Q4: Can the four sides of the product be round edges?

Sure, we can make round edges if you want.




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