Acrylic File Folder

Acrylic File Folder is designed to keep your folders and documents organized while maintaining them visible and with and easy access. File folder organizer is the ultimate for organizing documents, catalogs, files, folders, papers, brochures, magazines. With modern design, optimize your space. It can be used standing or lying down on flat surfaces or hung. Ideal for offices, schools, government, clinics, banks, home and much more.
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Product Details

Product description

We are the wholesale supplier of acrylic file folder. We produce the professional and high quality acrylic file folders in China and sell them overseas. The acrylic file folder of this material looks nice and has a new design. Its shape is cuboid, and the layers of light green will make you feel refreshed in the summer and you can classify different documents. In addition, the acrylic file folder occupies little space, but it can store more documents. This acrylic folder is very suitable for students who are studying, office workers and people working in banks. It will be your best choice.



Q1: Does the edge of the acrylic file folder make scratch-resistant handle?

We will make the edge of the acrylic file folder scratch-resistant handle. Thus, the surface of folder is beautiful, and smooth feel in the hand.

Q2: Does glue have green certification?

Sure. Glue has the SGS test report and MSDS report.

Q3: OEM or Custom Order? 

We can accept either ways. Please send us drawings with your requirements; We will offer a sample for your approval.

Q4: How do I inspect the products that I ordered?

We are welcome you to visit our factory by person, or ask third party to inspection, or by picture inspection.



Enclosure: The patent of this product and the use of the patent are not owned by the company.