Acrylic Monitor Stand

This is an universal platform design fits any monitor up to 24", so this Acrylic Monitor Stand can be used as a monitor riser, printer stand, computer stand, laptop riser, desk shelf and more. Perfect height for computer viewing, which has the potential to improve your posture and make you more comfortable and reduces the strain on your eyes and neck, helping you work more efficient. Enhance your desktop by creating more storage space and easy access, perfect stand for smaller to medium desk, but would still be great for bigger desk and doesn't take up a lot of space. This Acrylic Monitor Stand is constructed with clear acrylic, it looks elegant and study, and adds a professional look to your workspace.
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Product description

Here is an acrylic monitor stand which is made in China. We are the manufacturer of this acrylic monitor stand, you can wholesale or buy these products from us. The acrylic monitor stand looks like very simple, but it's very useful. You can place a computer monitor on it, the bottom is empty, so you can place keyboard or mouse and other things. It helps you save a lot of space. This acrylic monitor stand is also very light, so you can put it in your room or office. Acrylic’s material looks transparent and clean, it plays a practical role, but also plays the role of dress.



Q1: What is the production cycle of the monitor stand?

The production cycle takes 15 days for mass production.

Q2: Can the safety of the product packaging be guaranteed?

Yes, the product packaging is designed to withstand drop and ship ability, it meets the D4169 shipping test standards.

Q3: Will there be any difference in size?

This is seldom the case. Our product size difference is less than positive or negative 0.5MM.

Q4: What kind of the material display stand can you produce?

We can produce acrylic, PVC, timber, and acrylic with metal display stand etc. Please feel free to make requests.




Enclosure: The patent of this product and the use of the patent are not owned by the company.