Acrylic Pen and Pencil Holder

Place your pens neatly in this crystal-clear Acrylic Pen and Pencil Holder. A transparent Pen and Pencil Holder is perfect to store your plenty of pens, pencils, rules, scissors, makeup brush and others. It not only keeps your desk clean and tidy, but also saves space for you in an effective way and clear away the clutter on your desk. This deluxe acrylic design square pen holder with a smooth and polished appearance, features a non-slip, cork base to keep it in place. The bottom can be clear or rose gold, is great gift for kids, students and officers.
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Product description

We are wholesalers and suppliers of the acrylic pen and pencil holder. The acrylic pen and pencil holder produced in China are very popular all over the world. The elegant acrylic pen and pencil holder will be your right-hand man in daily work, and the space inside can provide you with plenty of items such as pens and pencils. It can be applied not only to companies and banks, but also to schools and institutions. Whether it's the team's staff or the students, the choice of a favorite acrylic pen and pencil holder make your desktop cleaner. Every day, you will have a good mood all day in the face of a clean desk.



Q1: How does the acrylic holder look?

Acrylic Holder Appearance:  the surface is smooth, texture is uniform, color and lustre is bright, no crack, no dark spots, and no mechanical damage.

Q2: What is the color difference of colored acrylic?

We will control the color different less than 5% in the colored acrylic.

Q3: Will you create only a few of holder for me?

No, we have the minimum number requirements. Our minimum for holder is 100 pieces unlike many other acrylic manufacturers that require 500 units minimum.

Q4: Can you make the holder in customized color for me?

Sure. You could provide the color and style for us. We are pleasured to help you design the color and style your needs.



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