Acrylic Picture Frames

Picture frames are made from acrylic, they provide superior clarity and will not yellow or turn brittle even when used outdoors. These Acrylic Picture Frames remain ultra-clear and strong for years. Our Acrylic Picture Frames have a lot of potential uses, they are not just photo frames about showing photos, they also can be used as a durable and classy display for your restaurant or cafe menu, Elegant wedding or formal event table holders, Professional displays for your next conference, tradeshow, or festival or market.
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Product description

The acrylic picture frames is made in China. As the wholesaler and supplier of acrylic picture frames, we provide you with quality products. The transparency of the acrylic picture frames is better than that of wood. It can not only show crystal clear crystal effect, but also can be dustproof and easy to clean, and the resistance of acrylic is good. Even if it is broken, it will not produce a large range of debris, the density of acrylic material is smaller than that of glass, and the quality of the acrylic material should be much lighter. You can put some memorable pictures in it and can choose your favorite pattern as a frame and put it in the living room or bedroom.



Q1: What is the minimum quantity requirement for acrylic photo frames?

For acrylic photo frames, the minimum quantity requirement is 100 PCS.

Q2: Has the magnet in the frame been rust-proof?

Yes. Magnets and hardware fasteners have been passivated.

Q3: Will my products be packed individually?

Certainly, we will pack each product individually by PE bags, in order to protect them from scratches. And pack them into a corrugated paperboard with 5-layer using bubble and inner box to ensure the frames safely to their destination.

Q4: Are there any scratches and pitting on the photo frames?

No, since our quality inspectors will check the products before shipment. If there is any problem with the products, they will withdraw the defective good.





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