Acrylic Riser Display Stand

Organize and professionally display on all countertops and desktops quickly and easily with these Acrylic Riser Display Stands. With storage on at least 3 raised levels, the contents of your desk will be neat and tidy as well as visible and accessible, so you can see and reach them easily, thanks to the increasing height of each shelf. Acrylic Riser Display Stands are made of clear study acrylic, they are easy to wipe clean in case of spills and has ribbed detailing to prevent sliding. An ideal storage solution for cans and spices in the pantry or kitchen cabinet, also suitable for organizing lotions and creams in the bathroom cabinet, or for displaying perfumes, jewelry, cupcakes, collectable on the countertop.
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Product description

This beautiful acrylic display stand is produced in China and is the best assistant for you to display artworks or other products. We are suppliers of acrylic display stands. There are many different styles for your wholesale and purchase. It looks like a staircase, and you can place objects on each step. The underneath is hollow, with little material, but it provides a lot of space for you to put art or goods. The staircase shape of the acrylic display stand is so beautiful that you can decorate your house or exhibition hall. This acrylic display stand can enhance the grade of your occasion and will also make you very satisfied with it.



Q1: Does hot bending cause dimension tolerance?

Usually not. The thermal bending tolerance of acrylic is less than 0.5MM.

Q2: Does the hot bend part have bubbles?

There is no bubble in the bending part and no visible shrinkage strain or crack.

Q3: How is the quality of your products packing?

Our products packing is safe and comply with ASTM shipping test standards.

Q4: Will the edges of the product scratch hands?

No, because we made the treatment that avoid scratching hands.





Enclosure: The patent of this product and the use of the patent are not owned by the company.