Acrylic Sign Holders

A reliable accessory for all your signage needs in any location like retailers, restaurants, trade shows, hospitals and more. These Acrylic Sign Holders are perfect for photo displays, announcements, advertisements and other important information. With its wide back flap, this sign holder conveniently stands by itself easily on any table or desktop. They expertly made using clear, acrylic material for long-lasting strength and use, these sign holders will protect and display your signs for years to come. Keep your important signage safe from stains, scratches and tears. Acrylic is extremely light-weight, the material boasts great strength and is shatter-resistant. To cater to each user's display needs, our Acrylic Sign Holders are available in different sizes. Each holder has an opening for easy paper insertion on the top, side or back.
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Product Details

Product description

Here is an acrylic sign holder which is produced in China. The acrylic sign holder is made of special material, acrylic, which has many advantages. We are the suppliers and wholesalers of these acrylic sign holders. It can be inserted into various labels, such as price, business card and so on. It has the characteristics that ordinary sign holders do not possess. Acrylic material itself is smooth, transparent, beautiful, and can be processed in various forms. It can be used for a long time, and it won't fade. If you need and like the above products, we will provide you with a fair price.



Q1: Are acrylic boards eco-friendly?

Sure. We can provide SGS test report for acrylic boards.

Q2: Will the acrylic holder turn yellow?

Acrylic holder will not be yellowing for at least eight years in the indoor environment.

Q3: Can you do the customization for us?

Of course, it is our pleasure. The size, logo, material, a new design could be customized as your needs.

Q4: How do I supervise and inspect my products?

Our clerk will keep touch with you and updated on the production schedule at any time. You can inspect by visit factory, or ask third party to supervise, or by video inspection.




Enclosure: The patent of this product and the use of the patent are not owned by the company.