Acrylic Tape Dispenser

Nice and elegant Clear Acrylic Tape Dispenser with its modern design, brings style and class to your office desk. High end acrylic material, premium quality. It doesn't break and will last you a lifetime. This Acrylic Tape Dispenser sits nicely on the desk and not heavy but firm. The clear design takes away the clutter that any other tape dispenser would add to a desk. This is an amazing idea for a gift to your co- worker, friend, or yourself. add some fun and fancy to a home or office with this acrylic tape dispenser!
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Product description

We are suppliers and wholesalers of acrylic tape dispensers. These acrylic tape dispensers made in China are of high quality and fair price. This is a very practical tool. The acrylic tape dispensers is mainly used in offices for cutting transparent glue, which is often seen in clerical offices. These acrylic tape dispensers are widely used, and can be used in companies, personal housing, large exhibitions and supermarkets. It is very durable, easy to operate, and convenient for fixing tape. You can pull out the tape easily when you need to use adhesive tape, which can save you a lot of energy.



Q1: Is the cutting of tape dispenser smooth? 

Yes. Tape dispenser has sharp and secure blade, so much smoother when the tap cutting. And we also did ten thousand tape-cutting tests. 

Q2: Is the edge of the product sharp? 

No, because we will make scraping edge processing. Thus, the edge of the product is not sharp and secure. 

Q3: Is the products' surface rough? 

Of course not. The smoothness of our products is up to international standards. 

Q4: What is the process of operation?

Customer Inquiry → Discussion →Design → Samples →Contract →Produce → shipment →Acceptance → Feedback →After-sales Service 




Enclosure: The patent of this product and the use of the patent are not owned by the company.