Acrylic Button and Lammer

These Acrylic Buttons and Lammers are the same ones used at casino gaming tables. Lammer refers to small colored disks with numbers printed on them, representing an equivalent number of dollars. They are used to indicate that some amount of money, in either cash or chips, has been taken from a player or dealer. These Lammers and buttons made of thick acrylic, they are good-looking and durable. Moreover, it makes easier for player and dealer to tidy up the gaming tables and quickly pick the Button and Lammer that they need.
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Product description

We have many acrylic buttons and lammers for you to choose from. We are suppliers and wholesalers of these acrylic buttons and lammers. You can buy high-quality and fair priced goods from us. These acrylic buttons and lammers are made in China and are welcomed by many casinos. They are exported to Europe, America and other areas. The acrylic button and lamer is used in almost all casinos. This durable puck is white with black engraved letters on one side and black with white engraved letters on the other side and protected with two bumper rubbers on the sides.



Q1: Is there any color leakage in the fill?

In general, there is no color leakage in the fill color. Refer to the international Pantone Color Card, the color difference of the fill color is controlled within 2%.

Q2: Is the minimum order quantity required?

Yes. The MOQ of acrylic button is 1000 PCS.

Q3: Does the edge treatment of the product meet the demand?

The edge of the product can be made into chamfer edge, round edge, polishing and other processes, so that it is smooth when we touch the surface, and no sharp edge, no sharp angle.

Q4: Will the image be clear if you use silk screening?

Yes, the silkscreen printing will show a distinct image.






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