Acrylic Card Shuffler

This Acrylic Card Shuffler is the perfect accessory for any home game room or gambling tables. It can hold up to six decks of cards, loaded between two sides for easy shuffling in seconds. It works with standard poker-sized cards and narrower bridge-sized cards. By pressing one lever, the cards quickly and thoroughly shuffle. The main body of card shuffler made of black acrylic in order to prevent people see the inside content, and clear acrylic tray stays in place to collect the cards as they are shuffled and removes for easy dealing. By eliminating hand shuffling, you can increase game efficiency, and speed up playing time.
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Product description

We have many acrylic card shufflers for you to choose from. We are suppliers and wholesalers of these acrylic card shufflers. You can buy them from us. These acrylic card shufflers are made in China and welcomed by many customers. They are exported to Europe, America and other area. The acrylic card shuffler lets you shuffle your cards quickly and easily to get a professional shuffle and save time between games. It can hold both standard and bridge-sized cards and has the capacity to shuffle up to six decks of cards at a time. The acrylic card shuffler is very suitable for using in casinos



Q1: How much time you need to make a sample?

We will need 7 work days to complete a sample.

Q2: What is the consequence of the silk printing?

The image and text of the silk printing are distinct and intact, acid and alkali resistant, adhesion and other indicators meet the industry standards.

Q3: What is the minimum order?

The minimum order is 100 PCS.

Q4: Does the acrylic card shuffler operate smoothly?

Sure, the quality inspector will check the product and only products those operate well can be delivered.



Enclosure: The patent of this product and the use of the patent are not owned by the company.