Acrylic Dealer Shoe

Our Casino Style Acrylic Dealers Shoe can make anyone look like a pro. Our dealer shoes are constructed with a heavy clear acrylic material with smooth edges and black rollers. It is used to hold the cards that the dealer and players will receive. This shoe will hold up to at least 4 decks of either poker or bridge size playing cards. Ideal for multi-deck games like blackjack, baccarat, hand & foot, and pounce. Once the cards are loaded, just press gently on the top card and slide down. No need to stop the game to shuffle or reorganize a messy deck, just keep on dealing.
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Product description

Here is an acrylic dealer shoe which is made in China. This acrylic dealer shoe is made of special material, acrylic, which has many advantages. The smooth surface makes the dealer shoe look beautiful. Acrylic is adaptable to the natural environment, even a long time in sunlight, wind and rain, acrylic will not change its properties, and can be used outdoors for a long time without apparent change. A clear acrylic card shoe with a black heavy roller to ensure cards are dispensed easily. It has a capacity of 2 decks of cards. The maximum are to store cards is about 8cm. The thickness of the acrylic is 6mm. If you need and like the above products, we will provide you with a fair price.


Q1: Is the color of Contrast color plate even?

The color of collision plate is uniform, and we will minimize the color difference to less than 5%.

Q2: Is there any passivation treatment at the dealer shoe exit?

Metal rollers are passivated and meet industry requirements.

Q3: Does the roller run smoothly?

Yes, we will make sure the rollers are working well.

Q4: Can the handle be polished?

Of course! The handle is polished and antitrust treating, so the surface is very smooth.





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