Acrylic Money Paddle Plunger

An essential tool for dealers-in-training, or a fun addition for home gamers looking to add a little taste of Vegas to their game rooms, this acrylic money paddle plunger is casino-authentic and ready to rake the take. The paddle itself is on a handle and features a rubber lip to protect table felt from the sharp molded edges. The money paddle sits inside the slot on top of the drop box, until it's time to deposit more cash. The rubber strip on the end of the paddle grips the paper currency to insert it into the box, without ever having to touch it.
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Product description

Here is an acrylic money paddle plunger that I would like to recommend to you. The acrylic money paddle plunger is used in casinos to push the paper money into the money slot frame, through the table and into the drop box fastened below the top of table. The paddle is made of durable acrylic and is lined with a rubber strip at the end of the paddle and has two rubber rings on the handle. We are suppliers and wholesalers. It‘s compatible with our drop boxes and money slot frames. After the casinos purchase it, the gambler will have a good experience.


Q1: Will there be any bubble when the glue sticks acrylic?

The bonding area appears to be free of bubbles.

Q2: What is the tolerance range of product size?

The tolerance range of product size is plus or minus 0.1MM.

Q3: Can you offer a sample before placing my order?

Samples can be offered for checking the quality; samples fee and shipment cost will be charged according samples specification and destination.

Q4: I really want to order the acrylic display or holder. Where should I start?

1. If you have your own design / drawing / photo / specification etc., please email us, we will reply within 1 business day;

2. If you like our items on our website, please tell us the item name and the photo, and your detailed requirements for quotation;




Enclosure: The patent of this product and the use of the patent are not owned by the company.