Acrylic Poker Chip Carrier

This acrylic chip carrier is the perfect solution for you to bring the casino feel to your next home game. It holds 1,000 poker chips, which includes ten stackable acrylic chip trays, and each chip tray holds 100 chips. Each poker chip carrier is constructed of durable acrylic with reinforced corners. The top opens easily and a secure handle makes it convenient to transport your chips from place to place. This is the same type of carrier that you would see in a casino. It also is great for storing your poker chips when they are not in use, and serves as a great way to showcase your important chips.
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Product description

We are wholesalers and suppliers of acrylic chips carrier. The acrylic chips carrier produced in China are very popular all over the world. This acrylic chips carrier is used in casinos all over the world. Our acrylic chips carrier is truly casino grade with plastic strips protecting the edges of the acrylic carrier. The edges of the carrier are the most susceptible to damage and our carrier was thoughtfully manufactured to protect against this damage. The handy acrylic chips carrier makes it easy to transport chips all over your casino or gaming room. If you want to bring the casino feel to your next home game, this acrylic poker chips carrier is the perfect solution. 


Q1: How many pieces will you accept the order?

We will take the order at least 100 PCS.

Q2: When is the delivery date?

We need 15 days to produce chips carrier.

Q3: Is the chips carrier neat in appearance?

The chip carrier is neat, and accessories are smooth, without scratch, no pit, no spots.

Q4: Have you done anything with the metal parts?

Yes, the metal was vacuum plated. The metal made by vacuum plating have strong metallic impression, high brightness, and more important is that less pollution to the environment.





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