Acrylic Poker Chips Case

Poker Chips are a great poker chip at an affordable price. These chips are injection molded with two separate colors using a high-quality acrylic material. The classic poker chip design features the traditional heart, diamond, club, spade pattern in a contrasting color around the rim of the chip with detail spots on the narrow edge of the chip. This set of European-style rectangular poker plaques are a great addition to any poker game. Each plaque weighs 32 grams, making them much heavier than normal chips. However, you can still shuffle and play with them like traditional round poker chips.
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Product description

We are the manufacturer and wholesale suppliers of acrylic poker chips. The acrylic poker chips produced in China are exported to the sea and abroad. The acrylic poker chips is great for poker, blackjack or any other casino game. The plaque itself is a real treat to use in home tournaments. It is quite heavy at 32 grams each and unlike other chips, has a smooth glossy feel to it but are still able to be shuffled and played with like round poker chips. These acrylic poker chips are made of a durable ceramic with a high quality hologram graphic on both sides.


Q1: What is the color difference of the painting?

Compared with the international Pantone Color Card, the color difference of spray painting is less than 5%.

Q2: Is the pattern legible in acrylic poker chips?x

The painted pattern is legible, the color is even, not spraying color, without dropping color, constantly color. Accuracy is 1440* 720 DPI. There are seven colors to choose from.

Q3: Can you help with the design?

Yes, we have professional design team. You need to state the product's functions and indispensable conditions.

Q4: Can I have ODM product?

Yes, of course. Both ODM and OEM are welcome.




Enclosure: The patent of this product and the use of the patent are not owned by the company.