Camera Retail Counter Top Display

Camera Retail Counter Top Displays can be used across a wide variety of settings including retail stores and trade shows. Our Commercial Camera Countertop Displays are revolutionary marketing tools that enable marketers to take projects and presentations on the road with ease. Locking camera models are ideal for public venues because owners can walk away from their device knowing it will be safe. Non-locking commercial models are available as well, for trade shows use.
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Product Details

Product description

This camera retail counter top display is made in China and is the best assistant for your sale and exhibition. We are suppliers of the camera retail counter top display. There are many different styles for your wholesale and purchase. All kinds of camera brands can be displayed on the camera retail counter top display´╝îsuch as Nikon, Canon, SONY, Panasonic, Samsung and so on. Customers are free to experience the process of shopping when buying a camera, and sellers do not need to worry about their goods lost, because the camera retail countertop display has installed anti-theft system.



Q1: Is the size of the display accurate?

The size of the display can be accurate to plus or minus 0.1MM.X

Q2: Is your sample free of charge?

Sorry, we will charge for sample. The sample fee will be charged at three times the unit price.

Q3: How long does the sampling period take?

The sampling period is determined by the degree of difficulty, about 7-15 days.

Q4: Can we customize the different acrylic sheets?

Sure, we can customize special or different color acrylic sheets for your needs, and the color is uniform.








Enclosure: The patent of this product and the use of the patent are not owned by the company.