Camera Retail Display Stand

The clever design of our Camera Retail Display Stand makes a secure and unhindered presentation of cameras possible in a fairly effortless manner. Our camera sensor makes it possible to present the camera with the lens faced forwards or backwards. The special tilt protection feature of the Camera Display Stand enables retailers to also display cameras with larger lenses without them tilting over. The auto-positioning feature helps to flawlessly line up the cameras and helps to bring camera displays to perfection.
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Product Details

Product description

Here is a camera retail display stand made in China. We are the manufacturer of this camera retail display stand. You can wholesale or buy these products from us. The camera retail display stand can display your camera in 360 degree rotation. The camera retail display stand allows customers to fully interact with the new camera on display. It can ensure the safety of the camera and it’s easy to customer to pick up the camera to see and experience it. The camera retail display stand looks smart and beautiful in the shopping mall and when the camera is on the display stand, it looks more valuable.


Q1: Is audio and video system on the display up to standard?

Before shipment, audio and video will be checked for sure, the function buttons are easy to operate and sensitive reaction.

Q2: How about the adhesion of the product?

There is no feeling of concave-convex on the adhesion of the product.

Q3: Can I add an LCD screen on the display stand?

Certainly, we can customize different size LCD screen as customers' needs.

Q4: Will there be fingerprints on the metal display stand?

No, because the metal display stand will spray anti-fingerprint oil, and meet industry standards.






Enclosure: The patent of this product and the use of the patent are not owned by the company.