Cell Phone Retail Counter Top Display

Our designed cell phone retail countertop display products can make your retail environment even more stylish. Our wide range of counter top electronic and cell phone displays are a perfect blend of aesthetics and innovative display ideas. Most products are made of high grade acrylic and are a real eye-catcher with perfect design. Our presentation products meet the high expectations of demanding audiences in terms of expressive trends. Exquisite, high-tech optics and various selected materials are indicative of this cell phone display collection.
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Product Details

Product description

We are the manufacturer of China cell phone retail counter top display. These products making in Dongguan, Guangdong province have exported to all over the world. This kind of product is a multi function mobile phone display stand that suits for all sizes of counters. The part of the product includes acrylic transparent plates, mobile phone supports, posters and price tags. You can put them together at random to arrange the number and location of mobile phones. The product with standing sign has the advantage of fix customer’s attention on the new phone model. The preponderance of the product with reflective marking is that the logo of each big brand meets all mobile phone models of its subordinate.


Q1: Are supporting facilities of the display rack fully equipped?

Charging and anti-theft facilities are sensitive and durable.

Q2: Can we ask for a LED display board?

We can customize LED display board for seven colors. LED display board function: the use of counter rotating light LED lights, to achieve a variety of dynamic effects.

Q3: Is there any defect in metal or wood and acrylic splicing?

The metal and acrylic are tightly bonded without any visible crack. The joint of wood and acrylic is beautiful and smooth.

Q4: Can transparent acrylic achieve high transmittance?

The transparent acrylic can reach 92% transmittance.



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Enclosure: The patent of this product and the use of the patent are not owned by the company.