Cell Phone Retail Display with Security

These cell phone retail displays with security are affordable and convenient, security display stands are also available for store owners needing to protect some of their investments. Large cell phone retailers need to put smartphones & tablets on display to sell the product, but it is difficult to display them without worrying about theft. In a large store, employees are not able to keep their eyes on every visitor. These security stands remain affixed to counters to prevent theft, along with having an alarm system to alert employees.
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Product description

We are the professional supplier of cell phone retail display with security. This kind of product we make is exported to United States, Japan, Europe and all over the world. The product consists of many parts in order to firmly place cell phone and to guarantee its security. The design of inclination is ergonomic for accord with visual angle, reducing visual fatigue of the customer when experience the mobile phone. According to different cell phone, embedded intelligent chip charge it steadily and no harm to it. Beyond that, security contact on the bottom is sensitive enough but it doesn’t false alarm.


Q1: What are the advantages of this cell phone display?

Smart devices can be installed to detect the temperature of the phone's body. This display stand can not only display the mobile phone products well, but also better protect the security of the mobile phone.

Q2: Does the display stand have theft-proof function?

Yes, mobile phone anti-theft facilities is sensitive and durable, not only can play a protective role in security, but does not affect the appearance.

Q3: Is the paint of metal stand up to standard?

The paint of metal stand is of uniform color, which can past hardness and friction test.

Q4: Does the power supply and wire work?

Certainly, yes. We will match qualified and safe power spply.






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