Body Care Retail Display Stand

We built these body care retail display stands using acrylic with a smooth finish. We added screen printed branding on the header and side signs to help your brand stand out at retail in the hypercompetitive body care market. Body Care Retail Display Stands are perfect for any business stores or malls. they help customers easily find what they want and encourage larger purchases.
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Product description

The body care retail display stand, which is produced in China, is widely welcomed by consumers in China. The appearance of this body care retail display stand is very attractive. We are suppliers and wholesalers of these body care retail display stands. You can buy the products what you need from us. There will be advertising posters in the display stand, with delicate quality and bright colors, which can better display your products. The overall use of acrylic material, emitting a bright luster, looks beautiful and fashionable. The body care retail display stand can also be used in other occasions, such as exhibitions, which can make the exhibition neat and orderly.



Q1: Can we order the color we want?

Sure. We can customize various kinds of colored transparent acrylic.

Q2: Is the wooden cabinet baking paint flat and even?

The color of wooden cabinet baking paint is even, smooth feel in the hand, the surface is free of defects such as paint sagging and the orange peel.

Q3: How is the LED light box spliced?

The LED light box joint is compact and smooth without scratches.

Q4: What's your packing plan for product?

We will pack the product independently and safely so that the product can reach the destination without any damage.





​Enclosure: The patent of this product and the use of the patent are not owned by the company.