Headphone Retail Counter Top Display

Headphone Retail Counter Top Displays are more likely than any other retail advertising to enter your customer’s personal space. They keep your desk clean at all time and always keep your headphones near and organized. Use our Headphone Retail Counter Top Displays to convert browsers into shoppers. Influencing customers by enticing them to engage with your products represents untapped revenue. Let our Headphone Retail Counter Top Display options help you convert interest into profits.
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Product description

We are the suppliers and wholesalers of these headphone retail counter top displays. The headphone retail counter top display made in China is of high quality and reasonable price. There are various kinds of headphones, such as headset headphones, wireless headphones and so on. To display all kinds of headphone classification is a heavy work. So whether the headphone operators, digital electronic stores and large shopping mall are required to use the headphone display. It will provide a lot of convenience for your daily work, and allow you to store the headphone in order. The headphone retail counter top display will make your products look more delicate.



Q1: How long will it take to open the mold for bentwood?

It takes 5 to 7 days for the bentwood mold to open.

Q2: What is the overall effect of the display?

The edge line of the display is straight and beautiful. The surface is no scratches and stains.

Q3: What about the surface of the LCD?

The resolution of the LCD screen is qualified, there are no spots or scratches on the surface.

Q4: Can the base of the display be printed?

Sure. There are seven colors to choose from. The printing resolution is 720*1440 DPI.




Enclosure: The patent of this product and the use of the patent are not owned by the company.