Headphone Retail Display Stand

These headphone retail display stands feature minimalistic design with enhanced thickness and stability thus making it a headphone stand with wide adaptability. It is perfect solution to keep your desk clean and organized and at the same time enabling you easy access to your headphone. These headphone retail display stand can be solid wood, metal, acrylic to provide a safe and stable foundation for your headphones. It designed to hold a wide range of headphones including Beats, Bose, Cosair, Koss, Sony and more.
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Product description

Here is a headphone retail display stand which I would like to recommend to you. It is made of special material, acrylic. The glass of this material is transparent and has a beautiful appearance. These headphone retail display stands are exported to Europe and America, and are popular in other countries. The headphone retail display stand can be used for many occasions, such as display for sale, exhibition of products, experiences of customers in shopping malls and so on. Moreover, these headphone retail display stands are very careful in some details, such as the reserved thread holes and the nice coils.


Q1: Will stainless steel bracket do any surface treatment?

Stainless steel bracket can be plated, polished, brushed, etched, color passivation and others surface treatment.

Q2: Is the laminated metal fastener stable?

Yes. Laminated metal fasteners have been tested for load-bearing and it is easy to assemble. 

Q3: Has the surface of the wooden base been polished?

Yes. The surface of the wooden base will be polished, so the surface is smooth, and the textures are fine and natural.

Q4: How do I inspect my products?

You can inspect by visit factory by person, or ask third party to check, or by picture inspection.





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