Smart Watch Retail Display with Security

Smart watch retail display with security has universal wearables solution with an exceptional, self-service customer experience. High-aesthetic display with modern styling and finishes perfect for a high-end environment. Versatile "tear" sensor provides freedom and security, thin and flexible to not interfere with customer experience. Combining an integrated alarm unit, recoiler, and watch stem allows for quick installation above the table. Customer can easily try on the wearable for a near perfect experience.
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Product description

We are wholesalers and suppliers of smart watch retail display with security. These products in China not only sell well in China, but also sell very well overseas. It has the following features: smart watch retail display holder with alarm function;With sticker connecting the samples which effectively prevent showing products from being stolen in exhibition, supermarket and shops. The mart watch retail display with security allows customers to take the sample of smart watch on hands and try it freely. With many years’ experience of supplying an extensive range of display equipment, we have refined our range to bring you the very best in quality and security display solutions.


Q1: Will the product edge be handled safely?

The edge of the product is polished smoothly, no burrs, no sharp corners.

Q2: Will the product have color difference due to different batch production?

The same batch of clear blue acrylic is no color difference through visual testing, multiple batches of color difference will be less than 5%.

Q3: Do the acrylic sheets have flaws?

No. Acrylic sheets are free from pitting and scratches.

Q4: Will the size of the product be different?

The size tolerance of the product is 0.1MM.





Enclosure: The patent of this product and the use of the patent are not owned by the company.