Speaker Retail Counter Top Display

Our Speaker Retail Counter Top Displays are innovatively designed to protect your speakers and display them appealingly. Acrylic display units are one type of ideal structures for countertop displays that give your shoppers an appealing site of products at the points of sale or purchase. Our acrylic counter speaker display units are designed to suit the display of different types of speakers. Therefore, whether you are retailing mini speakers, or Bluetooth speakers, we always have something that will suit your needs and preferences.
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Product Details

Product description

China speaker retail counter top display is produced by our factory that has been exported to United States, Japan, Europe and all over the world. This kind of product’s specialty is product diversification and multi function. It owns diverse background modeling to increase the artistic sense of the displayed speaker. You can also choose the product that can connect the displayed speaker with the function keys on the display counter. It is both convenient for customers to operate and avoid wear and tear on displayed speaker. With the brief product introduction on the display counter, it can attract more customers to understand.


Q1: Are the functions of the product normal?

Yes, because when the product is assembled, the quality control person will check all the functions.

Q2: Will there be color difference in the customization of solid color acrylic?

Usually, it doesn't happen. We will control the color difference of solid color acrylic within 5%.

Q3: What is the effect of silk printing?

The silk printing images are clear and complete. And it passed mechanical test such as hardness and friction.

Q4: Is the process of acrylic bonding fine?

Delicate acrylic bonding process is smooth and beautiful, without bubbles, and no leakage of glue.







Enclosure: The patent of this product and the use of the patent are not owned by the company.