Eyeglasses Retail Counter Top Display

Having an Eyewear Counter Top Display is a must have in any retail environment. This stylish wood or acrylic eyewear retail counter top is attention-grabbing and modern. A rotating base allows customers to browse through to see your entire selection of eyewear. These Eyewear Retail Counter Top Displays are great for countertop with little room to spare. No matter if you are showcasing the latest fashion in sunglasses or the newest line in vision wear. These eyewear displays attractively hold all types of eyewear such as reading glasses, sports glasses or children's glasses.
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Product description

We are wholesale supplier of eyeglasses retail counter top display in China. The counter top display that we produced has exported to all over the world such as the United States, Europe, Japan and so on. This series of display counters are fashion in appearance, and it is suitable for all kinds of shop to make match. This kind of material applied to the product has hard quality to make sure that it can be used for many years without safety problem. Meanwhile, the material is environmental protection so that it is not only no harm to our climate, but also no harm to our health. 


Q1: Does eyeglasses retail counter top display have a minimum order quantity?

Yes, it has. The minimum order quantity is 100 PCS.

Q2: Are all the laminates in the display neat?

Yes, all laminates are horizontal and symmetrical without dislocation.

Q3: What about edge of the acrylic sheet?

The edge of the acrylic sheet is smooth and won't hurt the hand.

Q4: Does the spindle of display run smoothly?

Yes, our staff will check that each display can rotate smoothly before delivery.



​Enclosure: The patent of this product and the use of the patent are not owned by the company.