Eyeglasses Retail Display Stand

The Eyewear Retail Display Stand is so breathtaking it will sell your vision products for you. These display stands constructed from acrylic or wood design perfectly to give you an eyewear showcase that pleases all ages. Eyewear retail display stands professionally showcase your objects in a way that is appealing to consumers while efficiently using retail space. With their small footprint, the sunglasses display stands allow you to showcase a variety of sunglasses while taking up very little floor space.
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Product Details

Product description

We are wholesale supplier of eyeglasses retail display stand in China. The display stand that we produced has exported to all over the world such as the United States, Europe, Japan and so on. This type of product includes two parts: one is its multiple laminate, others is its pedestal. It is easy to assemble this product, and quality is strong enough. The pedestal of the product has high precision and good finish, at the same time, product’s dimensional tolerance of laminate is imperceptible. Beyond that, paint of the background board is impeccable. All of these guarantee the delicacy appearance.   


Q1: What is the minimum order quantity for eyeglasses retail display stand?

The minimum order quantity is 100 PCS.

Q2: When can you finish the sample and bulk order?

For the sample, it will need 5-7 days to finish. For bulk order, it will need 15-20 days.

Q3: Does the paint on the display stand meet the standard?

Sure, the display stand is evenly painted, without pitting or leakage of paint.

Q4: Is there are any color difference in the paint?

Usually there won't be. Compared with Pantone Color Card, the color difference is less than 2%.




​Enclosure: The patent of this product and the use of the patent are not owned by the company.