Sunglasses Retail Counter Top Display

These Elegant Sunglasses Retail Counter Top Displays can be used in any retail store or optical shop. They create an attractive product presentation with a counter top holder. Customers can try on the latest styles and will easily view all glasses since the eyewear spinner is on eye level. The sunglasses countertop displays are a great way to simultaneously store and promote your sunglasses! Try placing a display on or near the checkout counter to encourage impulse buys or push sales.
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Product Details

Product description

We are wholesale supplier of sunglasses retail counter top display in China. The counter top display that we produced has exported to all over the world such as the United States, Europe, Japan and so on. This type of product has all kinds of shape such as erect type, tilting, and rotary type. You can elect the suitable one for your needs. It can collect the same type or same brand together in order to make the goods display more tidy and intuitionistic. Beyond that, the good safety of the product guarantee the product in good condition.


Q1: Can silk fabrics be customized to weave monochromatic patterns and logos?

This black display need to order more than 1000 PCS, so silk fabric can be customized to weave monochromatic patterns and logos.

Q2: Does sunglasses retail counter top display have a quantity requirement?

Yes, the minimum order quantity of the display with flocking is 200 PCS, and the MOQ of the rest display is 100 PCS.

Q3: Is the mounting technology of the advertising picture sophisticated?

The advertising picture is mounted smoothly, it is no bubbling or crinkle by visual inspection.

Q4: What kind of shipment method can you offer?

It can be Shipping, Airlift and Express (EMS, UPS, DHL, TNT, and FEDEX). So before placing order, please contact us to confirm your preferred shipment method.



Enclosure: The patent of this product and the use of the patent are not owned by the company.