Acrylic cell phone display stand cleaning and maintenance method

- Aug 06, 2018-

No matter what material display rack needs cleaning and maintenance, the acrylic phone display rack is no exception. Especially in the shopping mall in the side of the road, because the dust is much more, the display frame is very easy to stain, make the product color is not beautiful enough, that we need to regularly clean and maintain the display frame to keep them bright.

But you may not know that some of the wrong methods of cleaning and maintenance, although it can temporarily make the mobile display rack clean, but actually cause a potential damage to the mobile display rack, your mobile display frame will be irreparable, but counterproductive.

The following is to tell you about the maintenance of mobile display racks prone to a number of problems and avoid methods, hoping to help consumers:

One, the rag must be clean

When cleaning the mobile phone display rack, make sure that the dishcloth is clean. After cleaning or removing dust, make sure to turn over or replace it with a clean cloth. Do not be lazy and repeat the use of the already dirty side, which will only make the dirt rub on the surface of the commercial furniture, instead it will damage the light surface of the mobile display rack.

Two. Be sure to choose a nursing agent

Acrylic display rack is not compared with other material display frame, in order to allow our exhibition frame to use more long, long to maintain the original transparency, then the need to choose reasonable care. Before the use of paraffin wax and cleaning maintenance agent, it is best to shake it well first, then hold the spray tank directly, with a 45 degree angle, so that the liquid components in the tank can be completely released without pressure. Then spray the dry rag gently at a distance of about 15 centimeters, and then wipe the commercial furniture, it will play a very good cleaning and maintenance effect.

In addition, after cleaning the cloth, remember to wash and dry. As for the display rack with cloth material, such as cloth sofa, recreational cushion, can be used to clean the carpet cleaning and maintenance agent. When used, dust is removed with a vacuum cleaner, and then a small amount of carpet cleaner is sprayed on the wet cloth to wipe.

Of course, a good acrylic mobile display frame is not only beautiful in appearance, but also more important with the display of the products, and your products are clearly displayed in front of the public, thus increasing the publicity and advertising of the product. Earn enough customers' eyeballs can effectively enhance customer experience and promote marketing better.