acrylic customization logo printing

- Mar 21, 2019-

With the development of the times, as to the products, people have the higher request which rises from practical to the pursuit of beauty and art. Therefore, the importance of the advertising display should not be underestimated. This is why every company would like to customize a product that belongs to its own company.

In order to better display the selling points and advantages of your company’s brand and products, our company can customize the logo or poster advertising on the display or acrylic products as long as you provide the requirements and the content of logo. 

Let me give you a little background about our acrylic customized product: Customization of LOGO.

Do you know how many types of custom logos in acrylic products can we have?

In general, we can use Silk Screen Printing, Laser Marking, UV printing, Gilding, Photo Sticker, Transfer Printing and inlay.

1.       The process of Silk Screen Printing used in acrylic has plane, surface, wheel transfer. The effect of Screen Printing is better than UV Printing and Photo Sticker. The cost of Monochrome screen printing will be lower, but if the color lump of the LOGO is complex, we need to use four-color screen printing, the cost also is higher.

2.       Laser marking is commonly used in transparent acrylic plate or light guide plate. If the laser marking LOGO is illuminated by LED light, the 3D effect of the LOGO will be highlighted.

3.       UV printing: Customer will use UV printing when the color of LOGO is complex or LOGO area is large.

4.       Gilding is used in small product, the general choice of the extruded plastic sheet. The surface of cast sheet is not flat because the material itself will have a tolerance.

5.       Photo Stickers is relatively affordable for LOGO printing, it is usually affixed to the acrylic surface and can be affixed in reverse on transparent acrylic.

Our New Bolly Display will use the appropriate way to meet your demand for LOGO printing.