Is it necessary to customize the mobile display rack

- Aug 06, 2018-

In order to match the display style of the mobile phone store, the mobile display frame is mostly desktop display frame, and the volume of the mobile phone is small, and the display does not need much space. The main concern of the consumer is the performance, configuration and sense of use of the mobile phone. This series of characteristics makes it seem unnecessary for brands to design a mobile display rack. But is it true?

First, the customized mobile display rack is more suitable for products and more suitable for brand names.

Just like mobile phones can be divided into different prices, popular models, young people's love of personality, high-end business and so on.  Since the product has different positioning, how can it be shown to consumers? Mobile phone stores sell a wide range of products ranging from 699 to 4999 mobile phones; there are so many mobile phones on the market and so many handset stores; at this time you need a custom display to stand out.

The selling point of mobile phones is not only in configuration and performance, but also in appearance. The appearance of each brand has its own distinctive features. In the age of justice, whether the design of the cell phone is beautiful or not is the first step of the consumer's purchase judgment.

Two, mobile phone display rack helps mobile phones to show their beauty to consumers.

The difference between the mobile phone display rack and the ordinary display rack is that it reduces the display of mobile phone functions and emphasizes the value of appearance charm. Display racks not only show the appearance of mobile phone design features, but also need to conform to the overall product positioning, more importantly, to create a unique brand image. And mobile phone stores also play the role of offline experience shop, so mobile phone display rack has attracted more attention.