The Advantages of Acrylic Plastic

- Dec 06, 2019-

Acrylic plastic is one of the world’s oldest synthetic materials available. If you are familiar with the plastic, you must know that it’s a common material that is often referred to as Plexiglas. Acrylic is very popular in many usage, including point-of-purchase displays, windows, signage, picture frames, furniture, aquariums, DIY projects, and more— as synthetic polymer material, Acrylic has lots of distinct advantages.

Acrylic is 50% Lighter than Glass, but Much Stronger

One of the greatest advantages of using acrylic plastic in place of glass is that while it’s more durable, it also weighs 50% less than glass! Whether fabricated in cast or extruded forms, acrylic is less expensive while remaining 10 times more impact-resistant than glass. Due to its incredible durability, acrylic can be used over a broad temperature range and has superior weather resistance compared to glass and other forms of plastic. Under high impact, it will not shatter and if it does break, it fractures into large, dull-edged pieces. This is an important safety feature for applications such as shower doors, sliding doors, and enclosures built for hockey rinks and ball fields.

Acrylic is Highly Transparent

Acrylic plastic remains transparent as it gets older without excessive yellow tinting. This is extremely important for applications that are exposed to sunlight. More fade-resistant than other plastics, acrylic plastic’s light transmittance is equal to glass while providing the same aesthetic appearance for a more reliable, long-term result. This makes it perfect for applications such as windows, automotive screens, computers, eye glasses, tanks and more.