The Best CookBook Stands For Readers

- Nov 27, 2019-




Whether your hands are full of laundry, cooking ingredients, or are soaked with bathwater, a cookbook stand is a handy tool to prolong your reading enjoyment.

These stands are perfect for holding big, clunky recipe books. They keep the book open so you can quickly scan through ingredients and recipe steps without soiling the cookbook’s pages. With a stand, cookbooks are held at the ideal angle for easy reading.

A simple and inexpensive slab of marble designed for holding up a tablet or thin cookbook. If you’re looking for a stand to match your elegant marble countertops, look no further.

If you’re into a mid-century modern aesthetic, consider this gold powder-coated stand for your tablet or small to midsized cookbooks. If gold isn’t quite your speed, the steel design is also available in three other colors.

Here’s another custom stand option for those attempting to find the ideal gift. It’s made of reclaimed wood and features white painted accents. 

You can always contact us to order these book stands, or customize your own book stand with our top tier designers.