The Best Gifts for Wine Lovers

- Dec 20, 2019-

Buying a nice bottle of red for someone who’s really into wine can be incredibly intimidating, especially if you don’t drink it yourself. Are they super into Malbecs or Pinot Noir? Do they only drink organic offerings? Are they going to judge you for your complete and utter lack of wine knowledge? 

Why not leave the wine-buying up to them, and instead grab the oenophile on your list an something that can at least help enhance their sipping, sniffing, and savoring?

Here are some selection of great little items for wine lovers.

For folks who appreciate proper oxidation beyond a simple aerator, a decanter is the way to do it (and make it look cool). This stunning glass number from Luigi Bormioli holds 48 ounces and serves as a great vessel to let a full bottle’s worth of vino breathe, and features a proper spout to make pouring glasses clean and easy.

Wine fiends love drinking the stuff, but showing off your best bottles is also a big part of the culture. This slick and modern geometric honeycomb rack will spiff up any kitchen counter or home bar, and can hold six bottles at a time.