The importance of the design of the display frame

- Aug 06, 2018-

The beautiful, gorgeous, and highly personalized display of the display can deeply attract customers, the clever logo printing, and the role of brand publicity, so that the design of the display frame is very high, how the design can be separated from others, how to attract guests, this is for a display designer. The most basic requirements.

Whether the design is reasonable, the quality is high or low, there should be a criterion to judge the form of the store, which is mainly evaluated from the following aspects:

1. The rationality of the and three big spaces: whether the distribution of commodity space, customer space and purchase space is beneficial to attract customers to enter the market, and whether customers can browse goods freely and comfortably after entering the market, and provide good service when needed, and whether the whole store is filled with the free atmosphere of cough.

2. The rationality of the distribution and display of goods: according to the characteristics of the selling field and products, the needs of the customers, and the complete configuration of the goods, the quantity of the goods of various types, styles, specifications and colors should be considered. The goods should be allocated in time when the goods are configured. Display: we should display all the hot and full specifications of the products on the sunny side, and constantly update them to ensure the turnover rate.

3, the quality of the shopping guide service: the location of the shopping guide should be correct, and the language should be standardized and appropriate (including the two parts of voiceless and voiceless).

4, the design style of the store is consistent with the brand management style: the brand clothing has a specific consumer group, that is, the target customers, according to their economic conditions, cultural literacy and other aspects of the brand management will form their own style, the style of the market design must be kissed.

5, the consistency of the store design and the brand level: the consistency between the two is mainly reflected in the economic factors. The popular brand must correspond to the design of the popular selling field.