What are the advantages of Acrylic Fish Tank over ordinary fish tank?

- Mar 27, 2019-

Acrylic fish tank is a high-grade aquarium product. The whole cylinder is transparent and seamless, which is more beautiful and safe than ordinary glass fish tank. The surface of the acrylic fish tank is very glossy. The walls of the fish tank are very thick. Although it is thick, the acrylic fish tank retains its transparency, allowing us to clearly see the fish and rockery inside.

 1. Acrylic fish tanks have low temperature requirements and are very resistant to changes in PH.

2. Acrylic fish tank insulation is very good, it is very safe to use.

3, Acrylic fish tank has high transparency, good light transmission, can reach 92% or more, so it does not need too much lighting, it saves electricity.

4. The cylinder wall of the acrylic fish tank is very thick and has strong impact resistance, which is sixteen times that of ordinary glass;

5, Acrylic fish tank has a long life, compared with other material fish tanks, the life expectancy is more than three years.