What are the most popular acrylic hotel supplies?

- Apr 10, 2020-

Acrylic hotel supplies can be divided into guest room supplies and lobby supplies according to function and application field. Here New Bolly Display gives you some ideas of the most popular acrylic hotel supplies.

Acrylic hotel lobby supplies: Acrylic Signs that help to give you the directions; Acrylic Badges that convey the layout of the hotel room; Acrylic Cash Register at the lobby reception desk;  Acrylic handicraft ornaments, Acrylic Ashtrays, Acrylic tissue boxes  are placed on the coffee table in the corner of the guest lounge; Acrylic Holders or Acrylic Displays provides important information and advertising content, etc.. Acrylic hotel supplies can be seen everywhere.

Acrylic hotel room supplies: Acrylic Tissue Box;  Acrylic Tray;  Acrylic Soap Dispenser;  Acrylic Disposable Supplies Box; Acrylic Non-smoking Sign; Acrylic Toothbrush Holder; Acrylic Soap Dish; Acrylic Coaster ;  Acrylic Storage Box, etc.


Hotels have been using acrylic products for a long time. Compared with the fragile characteristics of glass, acrylic products can better protect the safety of guests, which is also a promotion of the hotel’s image and service quality of hotels. In additional, acrylic products are worth to invest and used for hotel industry,  due to its long service lifespan and ease of maintenance.

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