Why Acrylic Furniture Made All The Difference In A Room

- Nov 09, 2019-

Acrylic furniture, sometimes also known as lucite, has been around since the 70s. The look of the furniture doesn’t has the modern look until very recently. However the translucent material has what it takes to stand the test of time and still look the part of today’s modern interior.

    When working with any interior, you need to consider visual weight. Visual weight refers to the measure of force an object has on the eye, otherwise known as a measure of how heavy an object looks. Successfully pulling this off in a room is all about making sure that the visual weight is in balance.

    Acrylic or lucite furniture is a great equalizer when it comes to achieving this goal. Since the furniture is literally see-through, it adds very little visual weight to the room, leaving plenty of opportunities for your other design elements to shine. Yet, at the same time, it adds a level of function to the room.

    These pieces also pack a punch aesthetically. Their sleek lines and sharp edges lend themselves well to a modern look.

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