Why are acrylic hotel supplies so popular with major hotels?

- Aug 29, 2019-

In general, the common acrylic hotel supplies have the following two categories:

1.Hotel room supplies

The products included include Acrylic Tissue Box, Acrylic Consumable Box, Acrylic Consumable Tray, Acrylic Soap Dish, Acrylic Towel Tray, Acrylic Toothbrush Holder, Acrylic Cup Holder, Acrylic Warm Reminder Sign, etc.

2.Hotel restaurant supplies

Including Acrylic Menu, Acrylic Reservation Signs, Acrylic Wine Racks, etc. 

All of the above mentioned hotel supplies can be made with acrylic materials.

Most Hotels love using the acrylic products, because the acrylic material has distinctive characteristics, its transparency can be compared with crystal. Many excellent features combined with the luxurious decoration inside the hotel, can give the hotel a noble and elegant, extraordinary visual experience, indirectly enhance the influence of the hotel brand and hotel charm image. New Bolly Display can design a beautiful shape of acrylic hotel supplies, and it will eclipse the traditional materials.