Why are we all willing to choose acrylic display stand?

- Aug 06, 2018-

There are more and more applications of acrylic display shelves in the market, which have gradually exceeded the metal exhibits. Why do brands choose more acrylic materials, what is the reason for them to choose from the acrylic display frame, kayek, who has 20 years of acrylic show custom production experience The acrylic showcase is so popular?

1. Acrylic display rack has excellent light transmittance. It can show the whole picture of the product perfectly. It makes the basic information of the product clear to the customers at a glance and saves a lot of trouble.  Under light, soft light makes the product look more beautiful and attractive, attracting customers' eyes and increasing publicity effect.

Two, the density of the organic glass is 1.18kg/dm, the same size material, its weight is only half of the ordinary glass, so acrylic making acrylic display frame is more light and convenient than the glass display frame or wooden display frame, and the mobile transportation is convenient and simple. It also saves the logistics cost.

Three, the appearance of plexiglass display rack can be used for color printing fonts and patterns, is an excellent advertising carrier. It is suitable for large sales activities such as stores, shopping malls and exhibitions.

Fourth, according to the requirements of customers and load-bearing materials can choose different colors of plates, and other materials (metal, wood, plastic, etc.) to form a mixed structure exhibition frame. Modeling is free and innovative, with better publicity effect.

Five, acrylic display frame strength more than a dozen times more than glass, acrylic material 3mm to 5mm has been able to bear the general use of acrylic display frame products of the weight, such as shoes, mobile phones, watches, jewelry and so on.