Earring Retail Counter Top Display

Allow your earrings to sparkle and shine on these Earring Retail Counter Top Displays. Counter displays help put your merchandise right at eye level for instant customer attention. There is enough space in between each tier so you can hang your longer pieces of carded jewelry with ease. The durable display fixtures are constructed of sturdy acrylic or wood material. This jewelry display is ideal for earrings and other jewelry sold on cards. Your patrons will love the easy access you offer with this earring retail counter display fixture.
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Product Details

Product description

Here is an earring retail counter top display made in China. We are the manufacturer of this earring retail counter top display. You can wholesale or buy these products from us. The earring retail counter top display is made of acrylic material with high transparency and can clearly see the earrings placed inside. The interior paving of the   earring retail counter top display has fine quality flannelette, which feels soft and delicate, and shows the exquisite and beautiful earrings. This earring retail counter top display is not only suitable for jewelry stores, but also for women who have many jewelry.


Q1: Will I be able to order a prototype before placing my order?

Absolutely yes! We also hope our customers see the display and approve it before custom display order proceeds into production. And the prototype needs 7-10 days to complete.

Q2: Do you have requirement for order quantity?

Yes, the order quantity should be 500 PCS.

Q3: Can you make silkscreen or laser marking on display?

Sure. Both laser marking and silkscreen process complex patterns of small size with high precision.

Q4: Is mirror stainless steel defective?

No, the quality is all up to standard.


Enclosure: The patent of this product and the use of the patent are not owned by the company.