Ring Retail Counter Top Display

These Ring Retail Counter Top Display are an ideal way to showcase multiple rings. They are available in faux leather or clear acrylic or solid wood design. A must for displaying fine jewelry while costume and fashion rings look elegant. Ring Countertop Display is great for those jewelry cases with a limited display area. The design is the ultimate space saver. These counter displays keep your rings organized and stable. Easy to load and unload products at your station. Use Our Counter Top Ring Displays to easily display that variety and give your customers more visible choice.
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Product Details

Product description

The ring retail counter top display is made in China. As a wholesaler and supplier of ring retail counter top display, we provide you with quality products. This ring retail counter top display is most suitable for jewelry store. We have many different styles. There are square ring retail counter top display frames that can display many rows of rings. There are also counter top display frames that directly place rings on finger models. You can purchase them according to the needs of your jewelry store. Our products are exported to Europe and the United States, and there are wide markets all over the world.


Q1: Can you only make one ring retail counter top display for me?

Sorry, we can't. You need to order more than 100 PCS.

Q2: Is there any defect in the wood? And does the wood need polishing?

No, there is no defect in the wood since they are logs. And the wood needs polishing, so the surface will smooth and no burrs.

Q3: Is the radian of the product satisfactory?

Yes, we will make radian from your requirement without any obvious deviations.

Q4: What is the packing scheme for display?

The packaging of the product will meet the requirements of waterproof and anti-collision.


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