Watch Retail Acrylic Display Stand

Exceptional Watch Retail Acrylic Display Stands at unbeatable pricing. Our Acrylic Watch Displays can fit a variety of different watches. These watch retail acrylic display stands have a wide bendable display piece that an acrylic base support the piece, give them the proper weight to keep your best watches upright for customer viewing, and allow the costumer to better appreciate every detail. Additionally, using clear acrylic means all the attention is given to the watch and none to the display piece.
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We are wholesalers and suppliers of watch retail acrylic display stand. These watch retail acrylic display stands made in China not only sell well in China, but also sell very well overseas. These watch retail acrylic display stands are suitable for shops and watches retail stores. The watch retail acrylic display stand made of acrylic material is exquisite and beautiful, and its workmanship is very meticulous, durable and intuitive. The noble watches are reflected in the acrylic display stand, and the value of their own is reflected more and more, which will attract a large number of customers to experience the wear and thus improve the sales of the watches.


Q1: Can I order a sample to check the quality?

Sure. We will charge the sample fee as three times the unit price of the product. But if you place a large order, we will refund the sample fee.

Q2: What is the lead time for sampling and bulk order?

Sampling time is about 7-10 days, bulk order is 20-25 days.

Q3: What is the packing method of the product?

We will design and test the product packaging according to customer's requirement and transportation methods.

Q4: Do your company have dust-free workshop for painting?

Yes, we have modern workshop. The ministry of painting, packaging department and QC practiced dustless workshop management.





Enclosure: The patent of this product and the use of the patent are not owned by the company.