Watch Retail Counter Top Display

Our Watch Retail Counter Top Display is the perfect display that checks off a lot of watches. Customers have access to all of them at once with easy usability. These displays give customers the full view of your watches. Use these watch retail countertop displays with multiple units to achieve even a higher number of total watches displayed. A lot of stores will use these units to showcase watches, so customers can make the decision on which watch to buy, knowing they'll be getting that model brand new.
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Product description

Here is a watch retail counter top display which is made in China. We are the manufacturer of this watch retail counter top display, you can wholesale or buy these products from us. The transparent effect of acrylic counter top display makes the display of the watch more high quality, and the watch looks more crystal and bright under the light of the light. And the transparent acrylic can make the display of the watch best. And it allows people to see the watches displayed in the watch retail counter top display outside, and the watch is not easily destroyed.


Q1: Does the metal welding have any obvious welding spot?

No. Metal welding conforms to international standards.

Q2: Is the paint up to standard?

Yes. Paint has SGS examination report and MSDS.

Q3: Is the technology of flocking fine and beautiful?

Yes, our flocking process is skillful and delicate, and there is no flaw in visual inspection.

Q4: Does the paint on the display stand meet the standard?

Sure, the display stand is evenly painted, without pitting or leakage of paint.








Enclosure: The patent of this product and the use of the patent are not owned by the company.