Cigaret and Cigar Retail Display and Humidors

The Cigarette and Cigar Retail Display and humidor is great table counter display for point of sale cigars. This unit utilizes a glass top and front for expanded viewing of your cigar collection. Whether acrylic or solid wood material used in the cigarette and cigar retail display and humidor is resistant. For providing savings for our customers and get the same value, portions of our humidor interior are made of cedar wood or flocking. Once the humidor is closed everything inside is sealed. The cedar smell will remain in the box giving positive effect on the flavor of your cigars.
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Product Details

Product description

We are suppliers and wholesalers of the cigarette and cigar retail displays and humidors. These products made in China sell well at home and abroad every year. This cigarette and cigar retail display and humidor have obvious advantages in displaying high-grade cigarettes and cigars. They are impeccable in their workmanship. The boxes inside the cigarette and cigar retail displays and humidors are made of high quality wood. It has multiple lattices for easy storage of a wide range of cigarettes and cigars. You can also print cigarette signs or advertisements on the cigarette and cigar retail display and humidors, which will help brand promotion and enhance popularity.


Q1: Do the hardware fittings meet the standard?

Yes. We select the international standards of green eco-friendly materials, high quality hardware fittings, the greatest degree of safety and health of the guarantor.

Q2: Is the wood veneer technology sophisticated?

Our wood working skills are sophisticated. All the customers we have served are very satisfied.

Q3: Could you achieve acrylic bonding without bubbles?

Sure, we could achieve acrylic bonding without bubbles. We have a professional team to solve glue and bonding problems.

Q4: How is the overall finish of the product?

The product has smooth and bright surface, even color and luster, without defects such as screw thread, burr, etc.



Enclosure: The patent of this product and the use of the patent are not owned by the company.