Liquor and Alcohol Retail Display with LED Light

Show off your top-shelf liquors and alcohols with these Liquor and Alcohol Retail Display with built-in LED lighting! These displays plug into any standard outlet and provides eye-catching color and lighting effects to display your liquor bottles in a way that draws customers in and helps increase sales. Whether you are running an upscale restaurant or a casual sports bar, these LED Liquor Bottle Display Shelves can be tailored to add the appropriate accent lighting and flair to your space. They made of glossy acrylic on the front and sides, with frosted acrylic shelves, this unit features powerful built-in, low heat RGB LED lights with a minimum of 50,000 hours of life. Using the 44-key wireless remote, you can control each tier independently, setting separate color and light levels for each shelf. You have unlimited options when it comes to light and color effects!
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We are suppliers and wholesalers of the liquor and alcohol retail display with LED light. These products are made in China and have vast overseas markets. I don't know if you often hear a friend complain, "It's clear that our products are the same as other people's products. Why are people crowded in other stores, but our own shops are very cold?" Can you tell me if your liquor and alcohol retail displays areequipped with LED lights? Attention should be paid to lighting problems in the display of alcoholic products. Lighting problems can help you improve the display’s level, which will attract customers' attention.


Q1: Are the wood products exquisite?

Yes, we have our own specialized wood factory, and perfect equipment and skillful personnel, so wood products are exquisite.

Q2: What materials can you produce for the liquor and alcohol retail display stand?

We can produce Acrylic, PVC, Timber, Metal, etc.

Q3: Can liquor and alcohol retail display stand be delivered to other countries as such Canada, Japan, Europe? And How much does it cost to ship to my country?

1)Sure. Most of our products are exported.

2) The freight will be given by the freight company based on your Gross Weight and CBM, and distance.

Q4: How do you ensure the quality?

Our QC team have 20 years professional experience. We will strictly check every kind of product, and we have a strict quality control system in our production.




Enclosure: The patent of this product and the use of the patent are not owned by the company.